Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy @ Customers Only

Last Updated @ 16/04/2018 at 09:00pm

This privacy policy is only to be consumed by our customers. For website visitors, a different privacy policy is defined and is visible when visiting for the first time on the website & is served in the form of a popup.

We at Digitaliz consider our users’ privacy of utmost importance. You can see below how your data is kept secure from hackers & also how utmost privacy is maintained.

  1. Once your project is declared as completed, your all data is kept behind a secure layer to which access is only available to our team for specific purposes i.e. maintenance, updations, security audits etc. Though the administrators always have access to it & no data is accessed until & unless there’s a specific work-related need to do the same.
  2. All your E-Mails are stored in an encrypted storage. We generally don’t access any of your E-Mail after completion of the project until & unless you request the same for fixing of some issues.
  3. Your data is not distributed or sold to anyone. We are very specific about users privacy. Your personal information is only shared with our own servers & software which are used for Invoicing, Quoting etc.
  4. If you are on a Managed VPS Hosting provided by us than you may not be able to access the root folder as we don’t provide CPanel with the same. We work with CLI, as a result, CPanel is only used for the WebMail interfaces.
  5. Once your project is declared completed, the access to your allocated space on the server is locked out & is only accessible by the server administrator.
  6. We do not redistribute your information in any form for a monetary purpose. We consider our customers most Important.
  7. Every month, on a decided date the access to your allocated space on the web server is removed for the purpose of monthly updations automatically. This work is done under the supervision of Server Admin & so we take care of your information with utmost priority.
  8. We don’t provide access to any of our Managed VPS as it may result in the breach of data of the other clients. As a result access of the Managed VPS hosting is not provided.
  9. Sometimes a server log is seen by the Digitaliz Team for preventing the unauthorized access to the server. In this case, the IP addresses from which the webmails were accessed may get revealed to our team. This information is used privately & only for debugging purpose.


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